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Poni Changelog

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Poni Changelog

Version 0.4.4

release date:TBD
  • operations can be timed (poni --clock or control --clock-tasks) and results stored in a log file (--time-log FILE), reports printed out with poni --time-log FILE report
  • added warning messages for control tasks that do not send output in a long while, kill jobs after five minutes of inactivity
  • added support for optional_requires task dependencies, such tasks are not required to exist but are guaranteed to be run before the dependent task
  • deploy post-process actions are run even if file is unchanged
  • bugfix: paramiko ssh connection error is reported neatly
  • bugfix: various small fixes

Version 0.4.3

release date:2011-01-25
  • control tasks can be run without dependent tasks with --no-deps
  • bugfix: control tasks with in script files
  • bugfix: Tool.execute() exit code check

Version 0.4.2

release date:2011-01-23
  • added poni add-library command for specifying directories (that can be within Poni configs) which are added to the Python sys.path accessible by Poni plugins
  • requires GitPython>=0.3.1 and Cheetah>=2.4.2

Version 0.4.1

release date:2011-01-11
  • bugfix: remote exec process exit code is now properly checked
  • better error messages for failed poni control commands

Version 0.4

release date:2011-01-10
  • poni control command dependencies using provides=["foo"] and requires=["foo"]
  • parallel execution of “control” commands, runs max one concurrent task per host and obeys control command dependencies
  • remote.execute() and remote.shell() support verbose=True/False keyword arg
  • updated puppet example to install everything using control commands
  • new template:bool system/node property for disabling control commands and config template verification for template nodes
  • limiting concurrent poni control tasks with --jobs=N

Version 0.3.1

release date:2010-12-26
  • added poni require command that can be used to specify minimum poni version required by a script, e.g. poni require 'poni_version >= "0.3.1"'

Version 0.3

release date:2010-12-25
  • Poni is now in Python Package Index: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/poni and easy_installable
  • syntax change for setting properties, new syntax: poni set NODE PROPERTY[:MOD1[:MODN[...]]]=VALUE
  • allow multiple conversions using the set command, e.g. poni set linux/ private.ip:prop:ipv4=node.host will get the node.host value, resolve it to an ipv4 address and store it to private.ip (see http://melor.github.com/poni/modify.html#chaining-conversions)
  • setting properties supports UUIDs, resolving ipv4 and ipv6 addresses, decoding/encoding using Python codecs, JSON encoding/decoding, SI and IEEE multiplier suffies (e.g. 10M or 100Kib) for numbers
  • basic support for custom poni control commands defined in config plugins (see e.g. examples/puppet/puppet-agent/plugin.py)
  • documented functions and variables that are available in templates: http://melor.github.com/poni/template-variables.html
  • poni deploy/audit --path-prefix=/foo/bar now creates sub-directories for each node to prevent conflicts when deploying files from multiple nodes to the same directory
  • Genshi XML-based template support using self.render_genshi_xml in plugins
  • find_config(PATTERN) is available in templates, yields matching configs and their nodes
  • added poni version command, displays the poni version number

Version 0.2

release date:2010-12-09
  • added heaps of docs: http://melor.github.com/poni/
  • colored output
  • poni show --diff displays differences between unrendered templates and fully rendered templates in diff format
  • plugin-objects are visible to templates as $plugin
  • config settings are now visible to templates as $settings, deprecated $s
  • poni show --raw displays raw, unrendered templates
  • poni --color=on/off/auto controls colored output
  • poni settings list lists config settings and their values
  • poni settings set sets config settings
  • poni list --line-per-prop displays each property on a separate line
  • poni verify -v shows status for each file
  • poni list arguments -n (show nodes, default), -s (show systems) and -c (show configs)
  • the top-level config is available to templates as $config
  • renamed version-control commands: commit is now checkpoint and status is now diff
  • added --full-match, -M to many commands, requires full pattern match (e.g. with node names) instead of partial match (which is default)
  • ssh connections are retried on failure
  • poni import DEBFILE pulls poni configs from a Debian DEB package
  • poni cloud wait --state=STATE waits until node reaches specified running state
  • deployment: specifying dest_path ending in a backslash will use the source filename as the deployed filename
  • poni deploy creates all directory levels when deploying a file
  • config settings are inherited/loaded from parent configs
  • poni add-node supports --copy-props (used with --inherit NODE), copies all node properties from the source node
  • parent node’s inherited configs are properly collected and used in deployment
  • basic repository version-control support with Git using poni vc init, poni vc checkpoint MSG and poni vc diff commands
  • poni add-config --copy-dir=DIR copies config templates, plugins, etc. from the given directory

Version 0.1

release date:2010-11-28
  • Initial version with basic deployment support

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